Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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99% talks

When i first went to 99% it looked like it was going to be similar to just based on the layout and the little quotes on the side about ideas, but what interested me the most was how few of the videos were about technology at all. its seems that the internet site focuses more about learning about ourselves and what we already have rather that newly created things. the first video i watched was hosted by Aaron Dignan and his presentation was about games, and how important they are to exceling at other aspects of life.he explained that the human brain is designed to love games from simple games to complex video games, and he explained how we should embrace that type of stimulation more in our lives. the next video i watched was presented by jay O'Callahan, this presentation was a little more confusing to find a main point but i still found it very interesting. he talks about storytelling and the power and impact it has on people. he uses nasa as an example to using a childs death from cancer and explains how stories can humanize certain events in life. The third video i watched was done by Frans Johansson about executing great ideas frans talks alot about the ideas of the past compared to ideas of today and the future. he was talking about why there arent as many revolutionary ideas being made today as there were in the past, and how our new system of living creates all sorts of roadblocks for great ideas, and how technicalities in the modern world stop ideas from ever being realized.